Horoscope: Nov. 12-18

by Heather Zais November 12th, 2017, 6:00 am


Mixed feelings and emotions need time to settle before major decisions are made. Intervention from the right people will be helpful. Reconsider future directions.

Be charming and easygoing Monday. It would be nice to bring coffee and goodies for everyone.

Let others have their say to clear any doubts. Pin down facts or evidence as games are being played. Compare notes or messaging to catch them at it. Remove rose-coloured glasses with relationships; see them in their true light.

Egos are causing certain personalities to act out. Pace action or reaction now. The Scorpio new moon adds intensity to all matter, take responsibility or stand your ground. Be still.

ARIES: Much discusion revolves around finances or assets. Get everyone on the same page for now.

TAURUS: New moon highlights relationships. Decide what path this will take into the future or the end.

GEMINI: You need to clarify where you want to be or how much you want to do. Upgrade or change.

CANCER: Added focus on your personal life can sidetrack you from other areas of concern. Socialize.

LEO: Luck is close to home or family. Revisit plans affecting residence of yourself or others. Decide.

VIRGO: Talks conclude with beneficial results or arrangements. Keep some of the details private.

LIBRA: New or renewed sources of income can be a bright spot for you or those who share benefits.

SCORPIO: You stand out among others as your popularity is on the rise. Be willing to hold the reins.

SAGITTARIUS: Behind the scenes talks have beneficial results, making you feel renewed or free.

CAPRICORN: Those in authority or positions of power shine on you. Compare ideologies or plans.

AQUARIUS: You can be crowned or applauded on some level. Others see your value; status rises.

PISCES: You make gains or travel on someone else’s dime. Perks or other gains come easily now.


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