Horoscope: Nov. 5-11

by Heather Zais November 5th, 2017, 6:00 am


Look behind the scenes or the mask; there should be more clarity of intentions. Those who stall need a nudge to make them open up.

There are those waiting to see what will benefit them in the end. Compare procedures and find one that is agreeable to most.

Those with solid leadership skills gain more support allowing nerves to settle down. A level of trust can be built or recovered.

Covert talks continue between those seeking to advance their own agenda; be patient. It all comes down to timing or location. Hold breakfast meetings in a congenial setting.

Toss around ideas, allowing everyone a say. Blend tradition with change, it can be built on. Settle disputes.

ARIES: Sudden changes in your behaviour can catch others off guard. They try to guess your intentions.

TAURUS: Unexpected matters connected to the past need your attention. Shift burdens or responsibility.

GEMINI: Align with those who stood with you in the past. There is still a bond of loyalty on some level.

CANCER: Certain responsibilities change or end. Look at options that suit you better or provide freedom.

LEO: Take a time out or cut back. You don’t always have to be the leader of the pack. Enjoy yourself.

VIRGO: Situations are discussed as to what the next step entails or if it should be left alone. Patience.

LIBRA: You lay out plans that would be beneficial to all involved. Your words ease their anxieties now.

SCORPIO: You take a more prominent or responsible role personally or in the workplace. Ease worry.

SAGITTARIUS: Play your cards from a position of strength or security. Relationships develop naturally.

CAPRICORN: Others rely on you more than you think. You have considerable influence in all areas.

AQUARIUS: Your position or status gets a boost. Support or respect grows for you. Gather casually.

PISCES: You will have luck with locations near or far. Take the time to do research or look around.


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