Horoscope: Oct. 22-28

by Heather Zais October 21st, 2017, 1:00 am



An emotional push this week starts today on the power number 22; it’s all or nothing now.

Certain individuals pull strings to get things done; ignore the doubters. Lay plans in ways they will be understood and able to be achieved. Work around the lazy ones; it will be noticed.

Those with leadership qualities stand out. Follow intuitive promptings in areas of uncertainty. Inspire others with the right words. Celebrate a job well done and share the perks and gains.

Check accounting to feel secure. Intense scrutiny points out mistakes or areas of neglect. Launch or expand a workable agenda which may include decisions about travel or locations.

ARIES: You may have to add a little sugar to the conversation to get others to follow your agenda now.

TAURUS: Use subtle wording or demonstrations to have your way in personal or business areas. Chat.

GEMINI: Personal relationships spill over into work and will need careful handling. Collect relevant data.

CANCER: Others seem to have some influence over your home or base of operations. Adjust to change.

LEO: Your intuition is strong now and guides you toward important decisions that affect you long term.

VIRGO: Agreements reached can provide some wiggle room so you can relax a bit. Friendly talks help.

LIBRA: You are the puppet master now as others follow your lead or direction. Confidence increases.

SCORPIO: You take firm steps that are viewed as positive for the results you are hoping to achieve.

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful or influential individuals connect with you in ways of mutual benefit. Meet up.

CAPRICORN: You are very convincing and others like your plans or ways you think they would work.

AQUARIUS: Connections over long distance have a beneficial effect on finances, career or reputation.

PISCES: You have influence on more than one level. Take steps forward in silent, secured increments.


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