Horoscope: Oct. 15-21

by Heather Zais October 15th, 2017, 7:00 am

Being spontaneous creates a nice surprise for some. A lighthearted approach is helpful in business or personal relationships.

A show of generosity smooths negotiations on both sides; appreciate what you receive. Get down to the nitty gritty.

Some throw in new ideas or want to switch things up; be pragmatic. Imaginations can run amuck with unrealistic expectations; nip it in the bud. Follow a secure or familiar routine so everyone can relax a bit.

Hot heads can have a tantrum or take off, ignore them. Settle anything legal or otherwise. Power positions change; negotiate terms.

The new moon in Libra puts more focus on relationships, balance and justice. Speak out.

ARIES: There are some surprises or changes of behaviour in personal or business relationships. Be calm.

TAURUS: Bite the bullet or shift gears as others will be affected by what you do. Smooth ruffled feathers.

GEMINI: The new moon affects balance or fairness in all areas of your life. Compare your needs to theirs.

CANCER: Career, home or base of operations is under the microscope. Moves are likely in one or all now.

LEO: Unusual or unexpected communications may have to be handled over distance. Take care of this.

VIRGO: Financial negotiations reach another stage. Input from others can be a deciding factor. Compare.

LIBRA: Make a bid for more personal freedom if you feel the time has arrived. Release. It will be fine.

SCORPIO: Others may say “there’s a new sheriff in town” as you pull on the reins behind the scenes.

SAGITTARIUS: New or renewed connections with powerful individuals puts you in the right place now.

CAPRICORN: Changes with your status or position affect how others behave around you.

AQUARIUS: Plans to travel may involve unusual events or circumstances. Be ready for the changes.

PISCES: You can call in IOUs or rewrite agreements to suit you better. Other fall into line. Patience.


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