Elton John calls on Australians to legalize gay marriage in emotional post

by WENN September 21st, 2017, 12:59 pm


Elton John recalled the "guilt and regret" he felt being married to a woman as he urged Australians to legalize same-sex marriage in a heartfelt Instagram post on Thursday.

The Rocket Man star married German recording engineer Renate Blauel in 1984 in Sydney and they divorced in 1988, and he has since found happiness with David Furnish, who he married in 2014 after gay marriage became legal in the U.K.

The singer is currently in Australia on tour and to mark his visit, he called on the Australian public to follow in England's footsteps and support marriage equality, reminding them how he felt when he was married to a woman and wasn't being true to himself.

"Many years ago, I chose Australia for my wedding to a wonderful woman for whom I have so much love and admiration," he wrote on Instagram. "I wanted more than anything to be a good husband, but I denied who I really was, which caused my wife sadness, and caused me huge guilt and regret. To be worthy of someone's love, you have to be brave enough and clear eyed enough to be honest with yourself and your partner."

He shared a picture of him exchanging vows with David, and admitted he could finally be himself after they began dating in 1993, and they only felt like their union was accepted by the world when they could legally marry in 2014.

"For David and I, being able to openly love and commit to one another, and for that to be recognised and celebrated is what makes life truly worth living," he continued. "That acceptance and support makes us want to be as kind, responsible and productive members of society, as well as the best parents, that we can be."

He concluded by telling his Australian fans that he loves their country for its spirit and lack of pretension and added, "I hope it can embrace the honesty and courage that seeks gay marriage as an expression not of desire but of love."

Elton and David are parents to sons Zachary, six, and Elijah, four.

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