Pink’s daughter was not impressed by mom’s MTV prize and VMAs speech

by WENN September 7th, 2017, 10:59 am


Pink's daughter was far from impressed by her mom's achievement award at the MTV Video Music Awards and the powerful speech she gave – because she was planning a sleepover with friends.

The Trouble singer was handed the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at last month's ceremony and she used her acceptance speech to honor little Willow who was in the audience with her dad, Carey Hart.

Pink, who also performed at the VMAs, revealed her daughter had left her speechless during a car ride to school one morning when she told her mom she felt like the ugliest girl – because she looked like a boy.

Pink went on to tell the VMAs crowd and viewers at home that everyone is beautiful and no one should feel ugly, and her passionate speech earned her a standing ovation and headline-grabbing praise the following day.

But little Willow wasn't impressed as she and her mom got ready for the awards show.

"I was like, 'Babe, are you excited about today? I'm gonna win an award and I'm gonna do a show…'" Pink recalled during an appearance on pal Ellen DeGeneres' talk show. "She goes, 'Exactly how many minutes after you sing does my sleepover start.

"(I was like), 'Can you pretend to be excited for me."

Meanwhile, the Trouble singer admitted she's always trying to find ways to make her daughter "more resilient", so she can take the abuse and criticism she'll have to face from school bullies and mean people, adding, "I get my feelings hurt all the time… If you get past the age of 12 you will at some point be heartbroken by somebody else."

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