Horoscope: Sept. 3-9

by Heather Zais September 2nd, 2017, 1:00 am


Overview for all signs:

Rapid communications back and forth will help to line up a target-based agenda; fill in the blanks on the fly.

This is an action week with many expecting results they can count on. Put emotions aside and consider what will benefit the many. Ideas that are too far out should be put on the shelf for later.

Mercury resumes forward motion Tuesday. This will shift gears allowing matters to go ahead. It helps to steady emotional swings under the influence of the full moon in dramatic pisces.

Be charming and speak softly to have greater influence. Connect romantically or make up with someone you really care about. Seek success or a power position. Let things settle out a bit.

ARIES: Keep meetings private for now until there is something worth presenting to others. It will matter.

TAURUS: You have support of the silent kind. This will work for your larger agenda down the road. Deal.

GEMINI: You can be a master illusionist convincing others of what you say or appear to be. Take a stand.

CANCER: Much communication goes on behind the scenes. The full moon in Pisces enhances dramas.

LEO: Check the fine print before signing anything. Look at the actual value of items or any investments.

VIRGO: Don’t assume that you know what others are thinking or feeling. Seek a deeper clarification.

LIBRA: You can smile knowing you are included in the inner circle of those who actually have influence.

SCORPIO: You make dramatic statements that shift focus or base of power affecting all involved now.

SAGITTARIUS: Deal with spiritual matters or the unusual. This can be in personal or business areas.

CAPRICORN: You are given the heads up one way or another as you can see whats really going on.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from others or make gains from being connected to their finances or assets.

PISCES: You are like a magical as you attract attention or loyalty from those who count to you most.


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