Horoscope: Aug. 27-Sept. 2

by Heather Zais August 27th, 2017, 7:00 am

Expansion takes place in a stable manner as there is some sort of agreement to work together; both sides would benefit.

They see the reality of moving things ahead in order to get to the next stage.

Further delays won’t benefit anyone on either side. Keep talks neutral and open ended to provide some wiggle room. Put a lid on negative comments for now.

Emotions shift and will influence how things play out. Avoid self-serving agendas or throwing anyone under the bus.

Take a drive to cool off or get out of Dodge. Come up with an alternate plan of ways to shut down activities that have gotten out of hand. It’s time for a clearing on various levels.

Show what you are or have.

ARIES: You seek more freedom of movement now as you break away from certain restrictions or rules.

TAURUS: Keep plans to yourself until you have everything in place. You need to keep a sense of control.

GEMINI: Dealing with others can be like herding cats. Get them to state their position clearly or step back.

CANCER: Consider alternate locations when it comes to your career or status. Some adjustments needed.

LEO: You shine socially and can take a front row seat no matter what is going on. Pick a favourable spot.

VIRGO: Play cards close to the vest. A subtle smile gives you the edge as others try to figure your agenda.

LIBRA: Others are surprised by where you show up and the stand you take. You are weighing you options.

SCORPIO: Your ability to pull string surprises all involved. You have a long-term strategy to play out now.

SAGITTARIUS: Quick trips bring opportunities or meetings that benefit you. Consider a leadership role.

CAPRICORN: Show others your loyalty and they will appreciate it in tangible ways. You are a key player.

AQUARIUS: Surprise contact can make things more interesting for you now, especially with relationships.

PISCES: Easy does it when having to make decisions regarding others. Situations are touchy. Be cool.


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