Horoscope: July 30-Aug. 5

by Heather Zais July 30th, 2017, 7:00 am


Overview for all signs:

New interests and interactions can be a source of distraction. Get feet on the ground to handle responsibilities or other matters that need work as the week begins.

Plans are unfolding to create some expansion on various levels; opportunities are there. It will be important to assess who will be affected and for how long.

Some compare old laws or regulations to updated ones to see which is better. Try to avoid legal action where possible; seek fairness for all.

Changes of residence or location may be by choice or not; adjust to current circumstances.

Meetings held out of sight can be between those normally opposed to each other. Common ground can be found. Shake on it.

ARIES: You may have to step away from those not on the same page. Select a different route or approach.

TAURUS: Handle matters over distance. There will be decisions about who is to be where. Organize details.

GEMINI: You pull strings behind the scenes with those who wish to stay out of the limelight. Compare notes.

CANCER: Others have some influence on residential matters for you or those you care about. Talk this out.

LEO: Lay out future plans along a path that suits you better. Its time to shift gears or step back. Regroup.

VIRGO: Take a break or check things out. Patience is important for how you want your plans to evolve now.

LIBRA: A leap of faith can change everything for you or those you care about. Check practical procedures.

SCORPIO: You feel confident in the support you have behind the scenes. Make future plans together now.

SAGITTARIUS: Those in positions of authority can be more helpful than first expected, close by or distant.

CAPRICORN: Your leadership skills shine through and others feel more comfortable with you at the helm.

AQUARIUS: Keep a lot of plans and details to yourself for now. Be adaptable in any further discussions.

PISCES: Push for what you want especially if it breaks a deadlock. Consider long term results or change.


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