Horoscope: July 2-8

by Heather Zais July 2nd, 2017, 7:00 am

Overview for all signs:

Reserve statements until they are organized properly. Others need to be able to accept the facts as they are laid out.

Some won’t like it but reality is reality.

Those who threaten or take aggressive action will be met with equal or stronger opposition. Try to handle matters in a more diplomatic way to be successful as tensions are high.

Take time out or seek neutral ground to give this a period of adjustment. Soul searching will realign you with your proper path.

Watch what you say. Show your creative side and empathy. Plan moves for yourself or others.

Relationships smooth out or improve with some cozy time together under the full moon this weekend. Enjoy special moments.

ARIES: Meeting in seclusion is beneficial to all involved. Lay down a progressive plan that will work for all.

TAURUS: Your ideas improve circumstances or conditions for yourself or others. Ease them in for effect.

GEMINI: Your finances or position are elevated through the influence of authorities or those pulling strings.

CANCER: Get everyone on the same page when it comes to mate, partner or home matters. Arrange it.

LEO: Make an adjustment in how you handle or deal with others. Avoid any power plays or positioning.

VIRGO: There are those you can rely on for extra help or to pave the way. Your wishes will evolve easily
LIBRA: Others see you as a peacemaker or leader and will feel comfortable with you taking charge now.

SCORPIO: Talking with those over distance could see you considering other locations to stay or work.

SAGITTARIUS: Private arrangements benefit you financially or with home and property matters. Sign.

CAPRICORN: The full moon enhances your influence in personal or business. Others like your ideas.

AQUARIUS: Much goes on behind the scenes or out of the main stream. Make use of your connections.

PISCES: You enhance your own luck by taking independent action in your best interest. Others accept.


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