Horoscope: June 25-July 1

by Heather Zais June 23rd, 2017, 1:00 am


Overview for all signs:

Allow more time with matters you would rather push. Circumstances cause delays as others are undecided about their involvement or what they expect.

Some will be coerced into taking a stand one way of the other; it’s show and tell.

Those with charming words lay out a path that can be win win on all sides. Sift through the smoke and mirrors to get to the bed rock.

Creative talents will be showcased and can be a nice distraction. The urge to race should be harnessed into productive activity instead of a challenge. Behind the scenes plotting goes on trying to hide secrets. Some move.

Look at the practical side of all the issues and find the common ground; there is some.

ARIES: Pull strings when it comes to making decisions on home, property or base of operations for all.

TAURUS: Take the lead near or far. You have the ability or connections to influence how events unfold.

GEMINI: Discussions regarding finances or assets will need input from those who have power over it.

CANCER: Explain your needs or expectations at length to those who can do something about them.

LEO: Behind the scenes matters need attention. Tests, treatment or surgery is optional. Discuss this.

VIRGO: Make concessions in areas that fit your needs. All involved have their own agenda with this.

LIBRA: Ease into duties or responsibilities as you don’t have to prove anything. Assess best location.

SCORPIO: You have the leverage to make private deals that would benefit all involved. Arrange data.

SAGITTARIUS: Sell or convert where you can. Deal with the past or what has run its course for now.

CAPRICORN: Negotiate positions with those in power or authority. There seems to be a better deal.

AQUARIUS: You have power behind the scenes near or far. Get things moving in the right direction.

PISCES: You have aces up your sleeve that you can play when the time is right. Follow your agenda.


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