Horoscope: June18-24

by Heather Zais June 18th, 2017, 7:00 am

Overview for all signs:

The new, creative or original works as a motivator on various levels. Push past blocks or delays where possible.

Some will feel excited as they anticipate changes that were promised. There will be those harder to convince as they grumble on the side lines.

It’s time for show and tell. On other levels proof or evidence needs to be layer out for review and assessment.

Scrutiny will be deep and serious as many feel emotional as this unfolds, impacting the future of key individuals.

Financial arrangements work out. Take time out or travel. Discuss different plans considering all angles.

The new moon adds focus to home and family matters; get it all organized.

ARIES: You can move forward once funding is approved or in place. Navigate through any paperwork.

TAURUS: You have some added luck with plans and circumstances as they unfold. Others step up.

GEMINI: You pull out all the stops in the promotion of your agenda. The new moon provides fresh start.

CANCER: The new moon in your sign gives you another chance. Step out of your comfort zone now.

LEO: Private financial arrangements will allow you to deal from a position of strength. Make plans.

VIRGO: Choices will affect your status or location. It’s time to change or improve your situation now.

LIBRA: The new moon highlights your career or where you can make the most impact. Benefits exist.

SCORPIO: Spread your wings into areas that would provide a good path to your ambitions. Go there.

SAGITTARIUS: You benefit from others finances or assets. In-depth talks lay the groundwork for you.

CAPRICORN: Your personal influence increases as others relax their concerns, following your lead.

AQUARIUS: You are lucky in most areas as you plan your next moves. Consolidate funds or assets.

PISCES: Decide if you want to carry on the status quo or shake things up a bit. Its all up to you now.


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