Horoscope: May 28-June 3

by Heather Zais May 26th, 2017, 7:00 am


Overview for all signs:

Imaginations are stretched outside the boundaries of logic encouraging alternative ways to handle certain matters; keep feet on the ground.

Actions have unexpected results. It will be important to know where everyone stands or how far they are willing to go or participate as events unfold.

There is likely to be a reality check for some. A pause or shift occurs. Push comes to shove. Egos are flexed. Independent behaviour is a form of escape or snub.

Plans are pulled together by powerful individuals as others step aside or concede. Trust and respect carry a lot of weight with decision makers overriding rules or the law.

Romance and special events make the weekend more enjoyable.

ARIES: Back track over methods and policies that worked before. Parts of these can be resurrected again.

TAURUS: Strengthen your power base behind the scenes. Associates see you as dependable and bankable.

GEMINI: Use covert connections or information to gain leverage in areas interesting to or supportive of you.

CANCER: Private arrangements have some influence on where you will live or have a base of operations.

LEO: Settle any differences to bring stability into relationships, personal or business. This will all work out.

VIRGO: Your position or financial status gets a boost one way or another. It makes you feel more secure.

LIBRA: Expand your contacts or field of operations. Location choices may create a satellite office or hub.

SCORPIO: You have more support privately than publicly. This allows advancement without opposition.

SAGITTARIUS: Those with power or influence are helpful to your goals or ambitions. Follow the protocol.

CAPRICORN: Speak clearly and calmly for best effect where you have to work with others. They agree.

AQUARIUS: Extra attention may surprise you, but it looks like you would enjoy it. Plan to travel later on.

PISCES: You are seen as a genius when it comes to making deals or pulling all sides together. It works.


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