Horoscope: May 14-20

by Heather Zais May 13th, 2017, 1:00 am


Overview for all signs:

Compare alternate facts with what we know to be real ones; there are those who like to spin for advantage on some level.

Take a look at things from a fresh perspective as there is a solution to every problem. Be innovative.

Associates have worthy ideas that should be considered. Brilliant minds compare notes and choose some of the best ideas to act on.

Determination helps move agendas forward, overcoming objections. Delegate responsibilities to those with the time to take care of them; avoid burnout.

Some are in conflict over expectations or what they believe in; separate from that.

Rely on past experience as a guide. Relax rules to achieve greater harmony.

ARIES: Your ability to manoeuvre creates a win-win situation for all involved. Arrange funding to match it.

TAURUS: You apply subtle pressure for changes that you feel would be profitable for all those involved.

GEMINI: Power grabs behind the scenes play out in strange ways as others get into the mix now. Wait.

CANCER: Career, home or base of operations are affected by the influence of others. Negotiate terms.

LEO: Holidays or trips can be like a dream come true. Unusual circumstance enhance your expectations.

VIRGO: Others do their best on your behalf. Alternate resources can be tapped to bring desired results.

LIBRA: Relationships reach a point of review in personal or business areas. Assess the pros and cons.

SCORPIO: Changes occur that release you from certain rules or patters. Act as an independent agent.

SAGITTARIUS: You are lucky this week in most areas. Approach things from different points of view.

CAPRICORN: Stay on a secure path even though some of the procedures change. You get real results.

AQUARIUS: Speak out near or far. There could be a connection to the past that would benefit you now.

PISCES: Financial arrangements work in your favour as others need you more than they expected to.


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