Horoscope: May 7-13

by Heather Zais May 7th, 2017, 7:00 am

Get up and out of the gate early as the week begins; there are situations that can’t wait.

Harness emotions to put them to good use. Certain individuals like to push boundaries and may need to be reined in, ready or not. Words or statements need to be packaged carefully without grinding the details.

Pull together plans that are progressive with a likelihood of success. Others will come on board after they see the personal benefits for themselves. Special equipment would be an added bonus, especially in the area of communications.

The full moon in Scorpio adds intensity to emotions with a focus on secrets, clarify them. Leave the scenes of get out of town. Cool it.

ARIES: Closed-door meetings allow time to come up with an alternate plan that others would accept.

TAURUS: An inside tip or private message empowers or brings solutions to problems. Alter position.

GEMINI: Your ability to sway others goes into high gear as you pull out all the stops. Investigate it.

CANCER: Communications from key individuals help to provide some clarity to what was suspected.

LEO: Avoid disclosure as long as you can when others pry into your affairs. Stall as they move on.

VIRGO: Seek help or backing from unusual or forgotten sources. Make use of secured channels.

LIBRA: Discuss major moves affecting you or others that seem to be overdue. Results are good.

SCORPIO: You have access to private resources and connections that help your agenda. Straddle.

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful individuals show their solidarity with you now. Speak freely off the grid.

CAPRICORN: Others notice your strength and determination to move things in a positive direction.

AQUARIUS: Consider travel or other locations that would be more suitable to your ambitious plans.

PISCES: Involvement with associates may need to be carried on over distance with those on site.


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