Horoscope: April 23-29

by Heather Zais April 23rd, 2017, 7:00 am

Make an attempt to smooth ruffled feathers on whatever level is lacking. This is needed to move things forward.

Some tend to hold grudges from imagined slights; don’t let this grow legs. Lay everything out on the table Monday with input from all who will be affected by any decisions.

Those emotionally impatient will leave early. Some will be looking at alternate positions, personally or work wise. Be careful not to jump into something you don’t really want out of spite.

The new moon Wednesday is pivotal to any changes influencing finances or the markets; double check all the data. Look at what is driving this behind the scenes. Brilliant solutions can be found on some level.

ARIES: Contact over distance or out of the blue connects you with your past. Pick up where you left off.

TAURUS: Take the lead when the facts need to be rolled out. You like to showcase where benefits are.

GEMINI: Meet behind the scenes to hammer out details and how they will work with rules or regulations.

CANCER: Discuss your needs with those in a position to do something about it. Be clear on what to do.

LEO: You can have your way by carefully navigating situations or mixed emotions. It can work out well.

VIRGO: Be adaptable to circumstance without sweating the details. Find ways for it to flow along easily.

LIBRA: Re-write deals or agreements letting them float temporarily. This affects personal or business.

SCORPIO: Your plans and ideas will benefit you as well as those who support you. Things will unfold.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck attached to home or property matters. Adapt to opportunities or other.

CAPRICORN: Visits or invitations affect relationships. Mutual interest grows and should be acted on.

AQUARIUS: Being in touch personally makes things run more smoothly on all levels. Compare info.

PISCES: Show others the way to succeed on the present path or venue. Explain the details carefully.


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