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This Italian bank accepts wheels of parmesan cheese as collateral for loans

by Dustin Clement April 19th, 2017, 1:00 pm

The bank uses a special cheese warehouse — basically a cheese vault — to store millions of dollars worth of cheese.

  • Мak℮ еxτra ˛ncome աorkιϖg fᴦoᴍ ү౦ᴜr հoʋse for Ƨ t໐ б հгƽ ੦n ᑯaӏ|y Ьαsis٫ anᏧ starτ mαк˛ng avеrαgiռᶃ oոe ᴛo τhг℮e τh೦ᴜsaϖᏧ Ꮟսᴄκs everʏ wе℮k۔ Reaԁ ᴍore inf૦rmaτion hеre>