Horoscope: March 12-18

by Heather Zais March 12th, 2017, 7:00 am


Overview for all signs:

The full moon starts the week off on a more intense note. There is a need for organization and getting emotions under control. Pay attention to health and work matters as well. Change the way things are done if it will help to move them forward. Some are thin skinned and stubborn about having their own way. Don’t respond to knee jerk actions, they will not have the desired effect. Keep directives short and to the point so many more will get with the program. Those who overstep their authority ay end without any at all. Direct force is not always appreciated or effective. Get together socially where business and pleasure can be coordinated. Egos need to be massaged.

ARIES: Sudden changes or decisions will have an effect on your status as well as your location. Adapt.
TAURUS: Avoid counting on others when it comes to your long term future plans. Research information.
GEMINI: The past cannot be avoided so face what you must for yourself or those who depend on you.
CANCER: Certain matters are concluded and you should be open or available to changes or choices.
LEO: Avoid going out on any limbs if the security is not there. Its fun to speculate but it can be too risky.
VIRGO: Revisit places or situations from the past. There could be changes with who stands with you.
LIBRA: A showdown may not end the way you want so think it over. It can free you of certain situations.
SCORPIO: Take a more hands on approach to things that need the personal touch. It creates change.
SAGITTARIUS: Your strong sense of duty or responsibility is good but may need a lighter touch. Relax.
CAPRICORN: Others show their true colours or control issues. Don’t let this affect what is right for you.
AQUARIUS: Give others an alternate solution to keep them on board. Most situations can work out.
PISCES: Keeping all the balls in the air at once may not be needed anymore. Adjust the requirements.


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