Horoscope: March 5-11

by Heather Zais March 5th, 2017, 7:00 am


Overview for all signs

Get your ducks in a row as the week begins. There needs to be affirmative action right out of the gate.

Have any required documents ready. Practical, productive efforts will be rewarded in the end results. Wording brings clarity, setting the direction that things will take. A positive spin is a motivator on various levels.

Recoup or recycle where possible, it helps with costs. Research or investigations add further support.

Meetings are informative while providing viable choices. Strong leadership gets everything moving. Sign agreements. Plans are brilliant and innovative. Speculation brings rewards, participate where you can.

Rest on your laurels, temporarily. Feel lucky.

ARIES: You attempt to switch things up by pulling rank whether you have the power to do it or not.

TAURUS: Draw on past connections to shore up your ambitious manoeuvres. Share all the benefits.

GEMINI: Your true agenda is different than what others see. You have the gift of the gab or illusion.

CANCER: Bring people or situations back into play that you sidelined. Your goals or position change.

LEO: You have added luck with travel, near or far. Accept invitations and enjoy the ride or journey.

VIRGO: Others work on your behalf to get you what you want. Its time to relax a bit and let them.

LIBRA: Sudden moods or decisions can alter personal or business relationships. Assess the terms.

SCORPIO: You end up in the spotlight whether you wanted it or not. It adds power to your status.

SAGITTARIUS: Wheeling and dealing gives you the advantage circumstantially. Make your move.

CAPRICORN: You land on your feet no matter what the situation. Your natural leadership shines.

AQUARIUS: Your words or action affect the direction of events. Financial arrangements work out.

PISCES: Stand firm on your position even if you have to navigate around those with big egos now.


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