Get commitments, Pisces

by Heather Zais February 19th, 2017, 6:00 am


Overview for all signs

Heavy brainstorming between key individuals is important before the business of the week begins.

There needs to be a united front or consensus to move things forward in a positive way.

Those who object should double check the reasons why.

Certain positions originally taken will evolve so give it a bit of time.

Some will be holding their breath waiting for results. Discussions will help to ease worries; get things in writing where possible.

Forceful decisions or actions midweek tend to be extreme, some feel tricked or manipulated. Contain resentment until it is time to deal with it and win.

Be organized and practical. Secrets will be revealed; check the source.

ARIES: Your passionate actions can overwhelm others. Reputation or status may be affected a bit.

TAURUS: Compare notes with others who will be affected by your decisions. Patience with timing.

GEMINI: Power struggles behind the scenes involve the pecking order or where they should be.

CANCER: Arrange to visit others or have company. Try to avoid discussing who is in control now.

LEO: Be more security conscious of your surroundings. Events could be circumstantial or caused.

VIRGO: Follow rules or protocol to advance your position. There are certain conditions.

LIBRA: Any showdowns will have an impact on home or relationships involving you or others now.

SCORPIO: Contain secret or delicate information between a select few. Avoid making it an issue.

SAGITTARIUS: Be careful with personal data involving finances or documents. Finalize others.

CAPRICORN: Take control of your environment or circumstances, personal or work. Stay focused.

AQUARIUS: Visit with those in positions of power or authority behind closed doors. It’s important.

PISCES: There are some unusual or flexible parts to an agreement. Nail down any commitments.


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