Horoscope: Feb. 5-11

by Heather Zais February 4th, 2017, 12:00 am


Overview for all signs

Look at ways to brighten and lighten up as the week begins.

Get together or re-unite to ease worries or concerns where there may have been misunderstandings. Firm up negotiations in ways to recoup power or a position that suits you.

There can be a shuffling of the deck where things return to normal or a least the appearance of that. Certain matters should be kept private for now, so discuss them behind closed doors.

No need to upset the apple cart. Be open to sudden travel or changes of venue.

Enjoy social events or weddings under the full moon eclipse. International relations should be handled by someone who understands the culture.

Firm up connections.

ARIES: Your hopes are high as matters you hoped for seem to be unfolding. Powerful associates help.

TAURUS: Your status or position rises in the eyes of others as they see your capability and worth now.

GEMINI: You mix business with pleasure successfully. All involved benefit from what develops out of it.

CANCER: You become more passionate about what you want and with whom. Make sure it’s agreeable.

LEO: Grand plans develop into equally grand actions. The full moon in your sign enhances enjoyment.

VIRGO: Behind the scenes matters will benefit you in more than one area. Rely on past connections.

LIBRA: You will be in a position to be generous with words or deeds, which will benefit all involved.

SCORPIO: You can make changes with home, office or base of operations that suit you better now.

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful connections over long distance benefit you in lucky ways. Promises come.

CAPRICORN: Your position is good no matter how it looks to those around you. Let them imagine.

AQUARIUS: You shine in the eyes or esteem of others in relationships or in various public venues.

PISCES: Financial benefits come to you from more than one source and this supports expectations.


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