Horoscope: Jan. 29-Feb 4

by Heather Zais January 29th, 2017, 7:00 am


Overview for all signs

Intense emotions add force to words or statements. Efforts are made to gain or regain power or position whether they deserve it or not.

There will be those who object or push back. Searches or investigations go deeper as truth or evidence is sought. Go undercover if this will be helpful to the end result.

Opposing factions are like a Mexican standoff. Settle matters of law or judgment. Feelings of conviction are strong affecting relationships.

Mixed or disrupted communications will influence the timing of events or results; check the details. Travel or leave town to avoid confrontations.

Power plays grow legs. It will be important to use logic to gain leverage when sparring.

ARIES: Venus enters your sign making you more attractive and interested in romance. Take the leap.

TAURUS: Decisions on travel come down to whether you need to or want to. Look at all the reasons.

GEMINI: Think or act on your feet as you deal with drama or the unexpected. Sidestep direct conflict.

CANCER: Others have some sway over your next steps or moves. Reaffirm your areas of support now.

LEO: You may end up being somewhere different that you planned. This involves yourself or others.

VIRGO: Avoid going out on any limbs without a net or support system in place. Be patient a bit longer.

LIBRA: Home or property matters need discussion or involvement with others. Look at the documents.

SCORPIO: Brainstorming with power people works wonders and pulls grand plans together. Sign in.

SAGITTARIUS: Hold the reins no matter what direction things are going in. Use personal influence.

CAPRICORN: Stand aside and watch how events play out. This will have a beneficial affect on you.

AQUARIUS: A Lot goes on behind the scenes. Some of this may connect to travel or other locations.

PISCES: You can pull a rabbit out of the hat even if it’s not yours. You have rank where it counts now.


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