Horoscope: 2017

by Heather Zais January 6th, 2017, 12:00 am

Predictions for 2017 – Year of the Rooster 

The year is ruled by the number 10 and 1… add 2017 together and reduce to a single digit. 

The Chinese follow a lunar calendar, so the year of the Rooster starts on Jan. 28 with the new moon.

Some of the keywords for the year: Air force, creative, initiative, daring, independence, win, pioneer spirit, aviation, new incentive, Heads, Hero’s, up, Grade 1-10.

The Rooster wakes everyone up in the barnyard. He likes to crow and be in control. He is resourceful, domineering, authoritative, dramatic and posturing.

He is a natural administrator and overseer of justice and optimistic about his vision of how things should be. Justices in focus as to who will be appointed.

Tips will help with the relentless pursuit of criminals leading to arrests; lies trip them up; targeted focus on some.

Roosters do not like cheaters, liars or anti-social behaviour.

Gains will be made for those who are straight dealers; others could end up on the block. 

Avoid wild goose chases or off the wall speculation and ventures into unknown territory.

Be self sufficient; work where you can; keep it simple; don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Duty calls on all levels.. join up.

Keep your beak closed until you check the facts. Stay the course. 

Politics will take a hard line with much crowing or raving; muscles flexed, similar to cock fights. Offence will be taken too easily.

Ego clashes will see debates dragged  out or rehashed. Much sabre rattling and testing or upgrading of arms. Brace for explosions. This will all be played out in the media to some degree.

Leaders will need to plan carefully to win or overcome combatants. Some bloodshed. Coups or interventions likely.

Military action will be necessary to bring order out of disorder; possible martial law. Military will be strengthened or built up. Beef up defence and systems.

Heroes will be decorated. There will be honour in the military and a look at generals, past or present. 

Important public events or celebrations will be a show of strength and memorials and anniversaries showcased.

Marches will have meaning, not just for show.  Parades associated with the military or other landmark points, like 150 year old Canada. 

Also highlighted will be head gear of all type… No. 1 rules the head — hats, helmets, headress, feathers, combs, crowns etc.

A look at things that fly, with wings or not … some changed or improved … competition with airlines stepped up.. fares change.

An interest in jets or those that went down and what was going on in the cock pit. 

Many headlines over military and royalty and includes discussion of the pecking order that would be best or wanted.

A need for leadership and public order will help in making these decisions of who will be in charge or wear the crown.

It’s time to get married or stay that way, if you union is a good one. Many seek the feeling of security that tradition brings.

Roosters like to be king of the barnyard, so much drama plays out this year.

New political parties could form …  bring forth inventions or creations.

Reclaim what is yours or birthright .. take or retake land … draw or redraw boundaries.

Cut losses on all levels … no get rich quick schemes … go back to the land; farms in focus … bring things back to life on various levels … help the poor.

Look at all sources of power.

Sky is a No.1 so pay attention to anything going up or coming down there.  Air power.  Remember the fable of chicken little who ran around saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Tthere will be those who fear monger with their doom and gloom or fear of alien invasion. Don’t play chicken.

Seek a feather in your cap through personal achievement.

Don’t count chickens before they hatch and don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Chickens come home to roost.  Some will say the fox is guarding the henhouse.

Advances in fertilizing eggs and designer babies.

Further study on treatment of chicken pox and shingles etc…

No. 1 rules stress: a deeper look at mental illness, programming and deprogramming or hypnosis. Analysis of what is believed and why.

Bunkers found or entered. New secure ones constructed or re-enforced to avoid disasters or attacks. Some hiding there for one reason or another. 

Other No. 1s in the spotlight this year: parks, India, Dubai, Chile, vikings, Adam, Eden, traps, buck, Los Angeles, turkey, blackmail and Robin Hood.

Natural and manmade disasters continue with fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and resulting fall out. 

Power struggles will bring forth conspiracy theories.. some try to instigate action or reaction from others.. watch for tricks played. 

Religious or political conflicts will see some calling for revolution. A fight for freedom or independence.

Glamour takes the stage as many look to the famous or royal for inspiration or entertainment. 

     (for each sign)

ARIES: Mate or partnership matters require a decision. Reputation or status will be affected.

TAURUS: Take time out to relax or travel. It helps you with choices about future activities.

GEMINI: Confidential matters have an effect on position or where you stand. Clarify this.

CANCER: Others influence where you will stay or live. Negotiations will be important now. 

LEO: Shake things up in ways that make you feel more confident or build you self esteem.

VIRGO: Financial changes will be to your advantage in the long run. Do needed paperwork.

LIBRA: How you want to live is up for review. Location changes affect mate or relatives.

SCORPIO: Your ability to stand strong is an inspiration to those who count. Speak calmly. 

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful associates help your ambitions as well as financial arrangements.

CAPRICORN: Show your leadership skills to those who count. Positive changes develop.

AQUARIUS: Take a more prominent role publicly.You have influence behind the scenes.

PISCES: Your magnetic allure opens doors. Travel on a familiar inside track to benefit.


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