Horoscope: Dec. 11-17

by Heather Zais December 11th, 2016, 6:00 am


Overview for all signs:

Sort emotional ties on various levels. Make sure what you feel is true or based in reality. Don’t let jealousy cloud the issue or upset the applecart. Make changes that are inspiring or exciting for yourself or others who may have to depend on you. Brilliant plans can be activated. Moves would be daring or innovative. The who situation needs fresh air. Do whatever it takes to keep interactions stable. Conversations could get a bit wordy or over the top with the influence of the full moon tuesday. Look at other areas of opportunity, near or far. There are better venues to explore. Keep ego’s reined in where necessary. Some just want to strut their stuff and see what happens.

ARIES: You take a chance or step out of your daily routine. Switching things up make it more interesting.
TAURUS: Dealing behind the scenes can work to your benefit if you play it from a point of advantage.
GEMINI: Harness the ideas or knowledge of respected individuals. Joining forces becomes a win win.
CANCER: Check new or different avenues relating to career or status. Compare income or other perks.
LEO: Pull travel plans together for yourself or others. Relationships have a dreamlike quality or essence.
VIRGO: There are avenues to pursue that would bring you compensation or some sort of backup now.
LIBRA: Discuss future plans and relationship status of yourself or others. Any changes work out well.
SCORPIO: A fresh approach or new technology will benefit production and the bottom line. Roll it out.
SAGITTARIUS: Act independently even if you are involved with others with similar interests. It works.
CAPRICORN: Private deals will benefit all involved. Focus  on production, success and bottom line.
AQUARIUS: Benefits come to you from near or far with unexpected ease. Relax, it all come together.
PISCES: New jobs or sources of income are lucky for you. Keep some details private for leverage.


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