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Wild Son review

by Contributed April 15th, 2016, 8:45 am

wild son

By Jocelyn Mclaren

If you haven’t heard of Wild Son, you are missing out. 210-060 vce This local Kelowna band released their first full-length album, self-titled; Wild Son, on December 4th 2015.

If you’re someone who enjoys live music in Kelowna, it is truly hard to miss this act. The band has come a long way since they first performed in 2012. Originally playing back-to-back shows regularly at O’Flannigan’s pub, Wild Son has now played almost every venue Kelowna has to offer. If you’re not from Kelowna, it’s not an excuse. The band has also traveled across the country, and even up north where they have established a fan base in Whitehorse.

Their December release party was at The Habitat in Kelowna. By 9:00pm the place was full, and the line up out the door was growing. The show was free as a thank-you to all the fans that had supported them and helped them raise money for their album. In the few years the band has been in Kelowna, it’s safe to say, they have made a name for themselves.

Wild Son is now a five-piece band consisting of: guitar, violin, bass, keyboard, and drums. Played by Kieran McCaffrey, Mitch Howanyk, Aaron Desilva, Eric Disero, and Cam Wilks respectively. Although Kieran is their lead singer, you can hear all members harmonize during their performances. Their backgrounds vary from trained classical violin to jazz percussion, which makes their sound unique.

Although I have witnessed them play more times than I can count, their record is something special. Most of the songs have recorded two to three layers of violin along with instruments that aren’t performed live. In the song ‘Hello Sunrise’ they have recorded mandolin, two cello, and three violin tracks. Together the instruments compliment each other, composed Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11s 59359567 AC Adapter almost like a miniature symphony. Violin has been said by the band to be their lead instrument, but still careful not to overpower the guitar, bass, keys, and drums. Not one instrument is left out, the engineering of the music done with help from Sean Perdue of Half Capo Productions allowed each sound to be balanced; you go from hearing the violin, to focusing on the drums, to then following the bass without even thinking about it. The track “What It’s Been” gives me a nostalgic, almost melancholy feeling that the violin enhances – sometimes it sounds like great sighs then other times it sounds like it is crying the melody. The recording brings out the beauty in the music that can otherwise be lost at a live show. Don’t get me wrong; I would still never pass up a live show for that’s where the dancing happens.

What sets this band apart is the inspiration they give from the devotion to their work. Between shows you can find them teaching music, DJing, playing solo acoustic sets, or simply sitting down at the park pianos. They always find a way to live and breath music. On top of it, they make time for their fans, so it is no wonder that their fans love them.

Currently the band is nominated for CBC’s 2016 Searchlight Competition for their track “Don’t Follow Me”. I encourage everyone to check this band out whether it simply on the Internet or to catch a live performance. Their schedule is on their website at

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