Horoscope: July 21 – 27

by Heather Zais July 21st, 2013, 6:00 am

Cancer (Crab: June 21 – July 22)
Heather Zais reveals this week’s astrological forecast.

Positive expectations lighten the mood. There is a need for more ease and relaxation – location optional. Seek a cozy setting or just stay home. Enthusiasm gets things up and running early Monday; reputations are on the line – so make a good impression. The full moon highlights social equality against ego control. Attention seekers play games in the media. Think things through in a logical manner. Deal with deception personally or globally. Honor commitments – secure long range agreements. Power struggles become aggressive or physical. It’s final or fatal for some.

  • Aries – Pay attention to home or base of operations. Changes are afoot (positive or negative).
  • Taurus – Avoid taking a stand unless you have the power to overrule any opposition. Wait now.
  • Gemini – Location may be an issue when it comes to the best place to showcase your plans.
  • Cancer – Soft peddle demands when dealing with others or authorities. Maintain your position.
  • Leo – Efforts or repairs behind the scenes will give you an opening for more freedom. Relax.
  • Virgo – Move past restrictions through the help of those in high places. Renew future hopes.
  • Libra – Take the reins of leadership even if you don’t have all the power yet. It will evolve.
  • Scorpio – Step aside if the pressure or responsibility is too much. Other need to appreciate you.
  • Sagittarius – Do what you can from a distance. Follow rules or protocol with papers to gain.
  • Capricorn – Use your intuition to navigate power plays. Keep your opinion to yourself for now.
  • Aquarius – The full  moon shines on you. Remain firm on procedure for a successful result.
  • Pisces – Let the pieces fall where they may. A “time out” works wonders. Re-align expectations.

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