Horoscope: June 16 – 22

by Heather Zais June 16th, 2013, 6:00 am

Gemini (Twins: May 21 – June 20)
Heather Zais reveals this week’s astrological forecast.

Watch how words come out as the week begins; there is no need to inflame situations. Sudden decisions are daring, creative or life changing for some. Challenges motivate precise action as there is a time line to follow. Take care of business. The new or improved status on many levels is appreciated. Genius in recognized. Expectations are high. Economic outlook is presented in a more positive light. Circle the wagons with family or support system. Social gatherings add some comfortable feelings. Solutions to problems evolve naturally by the weekend. Go with the flow.

  • Aries – Connections to the past revive old plans or ideas. They are still viable with conditions.
  • Taurus – Pull things together in a way that benefits all involved. Changes save time and money.
  • Gemini – The picture you paint gives others hope and a path to follow toward future security.
  • Cancer – Lay out a plan of action for yourself or others. It’s time to take a more prominent role.
  • Leo – Private talks with associates will be beneficial to all involved. Share important information.
  • Virgo – Give stable advice to others and it will enhance your status or reputation in the public.
  • Libra – Take time out – you have earned it. Your position looks secure or will be enhanced.
  • Scorpio – Do what you know best for your ambitions to unfold. Alternate paths are open to you.
  • Sagittarius – You benefit from others or the past. Take care of any necessary paperwork etc.
  • Capricorn – Those you supported in the past return the favor. Go outside your comfort zone.
  • Aquarius – Your intuition is strong, guiding you toward benefits that would expand your life.
  • Pisces – Sudden changes or unexpected moves turn out in your favor. Gains come easily.

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