Amazing, Viral Videos

Assassin Staredown

by Rob Balsdon February 21st, 2013, 9:08 am

This guy who looks very much like an assassin pulls the ultimate power move!

Flood turns shopping mall into raging river
Dog skateboards like a pro
Great Ball Contraption
Bamboo shark cut from egg
Swing set on fire


Bill and Ted on the word “Bodacious”

by Sarah Dubetz April 29th, 2016, 8:26 am

In this short clip Alex and Keanu talk about the meaning of the word ‘bodacious.’

100 Jagerbombs – The Domino Effect

by Rob Balsdon September 24th, 2013, 8:00 am

Minus the annoying siren, this is a pretty sweet video.

Drift trike on the worlds steepest street

by Rob Balsdon April 24th, 2015, 8:15 am

There’s crazy and then there are these guys. Dangerous, yes, but it also looks like a lot of fun.