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Stock Footage Music Video

by Rob Balsdon February 20th, 2013, 10:18 am

This is perfect use of some stock video footage and a very funny music video.

Evolution of the Bikini
The Internetest safety video on the Internet
Musical Impressions with Jamie Foxx
Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA
Bloodsport Mentos Commercial


Gas station toilet

by Rob Balsdon December 28th, 2014, 8:20 am

Who said all gas station toilets are awful? Shell is taking their bathrooms to the next level, are you ready?

Walter the dog REALLY has a thing for swimming

by Sarah Dubetz September 4th, 2014, 9:53 am

Who cares if summer is over. When you need to cool off, you need to cool off.

Whales surround boat

by Rob Balsdon November 15th, 2014, 8:00 am

Two friends boating through a fjord in Norway have captured the moment six humpback whales suddenly emerged around them, narrowly avoiding their vessel.