Horoscope: February 17 – 23

by Heather Zais February 17th, 2013, 5:00 am

Aquarius (Water Bearer: January 20 – February 18) Heather Zais reveals this week’s astrological forecast.

A stall with plans or actions occurs as insecurity causes hesitation. Regroup to make a fresh start. News will highlight what is important. Saturn turning retrograde Monday creates a shift in energy. It’s a good week for taking time out, especially for those who have been doing overtime. Go within for inspiration or a creative spark; intuitive flashes are on target. Beginnings or endings likely on Friday – choose wisely. Mercury turns retrograde Saturday, throwing energies into reverse. Avoid accidents. Repair, replace or upgrade. Don’t sign binding contracts, but sell or finalize instead.

  • Aries – Changes go on behind the scenes. Decide who is going to be in charge or authorized.
  • Taurus – Be in touch with those who can pull strings for you. It makes progress easier for all.
  • Gemini – Your position is clarified and you end up where you belong. Handle the main details.
  • Cancer – Take care of confidential matters over distance. Some plans undergo changes now.
  • Leo – Private financial arrangements give you leverage. Let a select few in on the deal as well.
  • Virgo – Signals pass between you and others. This lets you know where they stand or belong.
  • Libra – You are aware of what is going on, but keep some details to yourself for a few weeks.
  • Scorpio – Wishes come true in love or romantic expectations. Intuitive connections will grow.
  • Sagittarius – Spiritual matters affect home or family. Your senses are clear, so are your words.
  • Capricorn – Others look to you for guidance. Spell things out in an acceptable way for them.
  • Aquarius – Your luck increases and finances should benefit. Play a hunch or invest with care.
  • Pisces – You exude natural charm and others fall under your spell. Keep all talks lighthearted.

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