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A husband’s Revenge

by Rob Balsdon February 12th, 2013, 12:00 pm

A man spends 30 minutes showing his wife how to operate a handgun. He goes on to tell her not to play with it. She’s not the best at following instructions. So what does he do?  What any man would do.

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The Internetest safety video on the Internet

by Rob Balsdon May 22nd, 2015, 8:30 am

A safety video starring the Internet. Its pretty good too.

High School Dance Battle

by Rob Balsdon March 5th, 2015, 8:40 am

Mean jocks, pretty cheerleaders, cute nerdy girls and a dance-off challenge. Not the high school I remember.

Throwback Thursday – Sad Cat Diary

by Rob Balsdon August 21st, 2014, 8:16 am

Throwing it back to one of the most popular YouTube videos every. The diary of sad cats everywhere :(  Did you know it was this tough to be a cat?