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Cup Song Mashup

by Rob Balsdon January 29th, 2013, 11:14 am

A mashup of the “Cup Song” by Lulu and the Lampshades & “I Will” by The Beatles. AMAZING!

Train plowing through snow
The world below
Holiday Parodies
GoPro: Our Snowy Wedding
Sea life trifecta


Simon Cowell Finally Hit The Golden Buzzer

by Rob Balsdon May 12th, 2014, 9:55 am

Simon finally gets around to pushing his Golden Buzzer for a youthful musical duo. Bars & Melody combine cuteness and originality, charming the audience with their skills.

Pit Stop Perfection

by Rob Balsdon February 10th, 2014, 10:19 am

2013 Melbourne F1, poetry in motion. Don’t blink or you may miss it.

Eye – Optical illusion

by Rob Balsdon November 14th, 2013, 8:30 am

This video has been carefully designed to create a strong natural hallucination. Use full screen and HD for better results.