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The Dangers Of Close Range Jeep Pulling

by Rob Balsdon January 19th, 2013, 9:30 am

I’ve never had to do something like this, but I am happy to know this is not the best way to do it if ever I find myself in this predicament.

Friday Fails – April 17, 2015
Ferrari crash
The power of the car horn
Woman Walks into Car


DuckTales – Slow Jam

by Rob Balsdon May 15th, 2014, 9:51 am

I think this might actually sound better than the original. Okay, not quite.

Friday Fails

by Rob Balsdon February 8th, 2013, 7:59 am

Another great fail compilation. It’s funny because it doesn’t happen to you, right?

Fails of the Month

by Rob Balsdon August 3rd, 2014, 9:49 am

The best fails of the month of July 2014 bring you the most hilarious fails ranging from fireworks fails to bikini girls fails. Summer always brings the hottest fails of the year! *Explicit Language*