Why not, it is Friday!

by Rob Balsdon January 11th, 2013, 9:38 am

Some beautiful women to help make your Friday more enjoyable.  You’re welcome!

  • Madav


  • bad news

    really sick photos, to bad you have to exploit women and there beasts. starting to become a cheap source of thrills!! NOT FUNNY!

  • bad news

    get rid of the sexual content, you will loss your female professional audience.
    Really sad!!! Of course no men!!!

  • dbrown

    really sad!!!!!~~~I guess this must appeal to your sick sense of humour.

  • good news
  • NAmericaHunter

    Whine some more ladies… Don’t be so jealous of these women.

  • shawna

    this is disgusting! Castanet is really turning onto a no class news avenue!! Very sad!

  • John

    I’m a male and I do agree, castanet is a no class news avenue. I always liked it before, but now it’s full of crap. where are all the classy ladies?

  • shawna

    Really No class ladies!!!

  • george p

    Ya pin ups left something to be desired too!

  • Tim

    I’m embarrassed to say that castanet is our local news. think i’ll tango for my news else where!

  • Nikki

    Obviously this has nothing to do with Castanet’s news credibility. Silly prudes!

  • Paul

    for all the stupid people, this is, not