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Best News Bloopers Of 2012 – Part 2

by Rob Balsdon December 31st, 2012, 8:12 am

Yep, there’s even more bloopers from the newsroom this past year.  How do these people still have jobs?  **explicit language**

Trampoline Fails
Car vs. Steep Hill
Fairy toy flies off
Friday Fail Frenzy
Don’t Steal Drunk


Study Confirms Everyone Knows You’re High

by Rob Balsdon March 5th, 2014, 10:22 am

The nation’s top researchers concluded that you can’t hide how stoned you are and that you should be freaking out if you aren’t already. Gotta love The Onion!

News Anchor Loses It Reporting Fat Cat Story

by Rob Balsdon March 2nd, 2013, 9:10 am

News Anchor Loses It Reporting Fat Cat Story.  Wait for the snort at the very end!

Jet Ski Flip

by Rob Balsdon April 28th, 2014, 9:42 am

Freestyle jet ski champion Ant Burgess shows off his skills in front of a crowd . Burgess started training when he was just 12-years-old with his father’s jet ski.