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When Crocodiles Attack…From The Air

by Rob Balsdon December 20th, 2012, 11:50 am

This is why you don’t mess with crocodiles…EVER!


Killer Whales investigating the GoPro
Dog playing piano and singing
Drunk man tries to climb on horse
Giant pandas create trouble as staff cleans


Everything Wrong With ‘Life of Pi’ In 4 mins

by Rob Balsdon April 5th, 2013, 7:30 am

Even Oscar-winning movies have sins. Here are all the sins found in Ang Lee’s ‘Life Of Pi’.


Library Burping Prank

by Rob Balsdon July 25th, 2013, 10:00 am

Who doesn’t want to know how the general public would react to someone burping in their face in a public library!?

Fail Scooter Riding Leads to Epic Win

by Rob Balsdon April 18th, 2013, 7:30 am

The reaction says it all!  “Oh yeah!”  This works out better than planned for this young boy.