Barbra Streisand wants to write autobiography

by BANG Showbiz December 5th, 2012, 1:00 pm

Bang Showbiz

Barbra Streisand is planning her autobiography.

The 70-year-old entertainer – who began her career when she was a teenager – wants to document her life story in print, but first plans to go back to directing movies, if she can find someone to fund her work.

She is quoted by Italian newspaper La Repubblica as saying: "I will write my memoirs after having directed a couple more films, maybe the first one will be from the musical 'Gypsy' which I still own the rights to. But it's not easy to find the funds for a film.

"A few days ago I watched 'A Star Is Born' and I thought what a good film it was, progressive and technically well made, but I remember getting so many bad reviews. I feel like I'm a showbusiness artist, someone who's got even more of what they'd dreamt."

While there are still many things she wants to achieve, Streisand occasionally has moments where she'd rather have a quiet life at home with her husband James Brolin.

She added: "There are moments when I still feel ambitious and dream of going back to directing and singing all over the world. Some other times I just feel like reading in the peace and quiet of my house."

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