Merridale Somerset Cider 2006

by tangoadmin May 16th, 2012, 2:35 pm


Somerset Cider 2006,

Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, BC


A selection of ten different cider-apple varieties are grown to produce these exceptional ciders. They include Tremlett’s Bitter, Hauxapfel and Michelin just to name a few. These special cider apple varieties have traditionally been used in England, France and Germany. The Somerset Cider is a dry champagne-style cider from 100% pure apple juice and only the first pressing is used. It is then aged for a year before release. The 2006 is a special limited release and subsequently available in very small quantities. The cider is showing complexity from age, but is dry, light and refreshing, with lively bubbles. As it is not filtered it has a cloudy presentation 7.8% alcohol

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